Sunday February 10, 2019     9AM – 2PM

Expo Center

National Sports Center, Blaine MN

Admission:  $5

The 2019 Twin Cities Bike Swap is Sunday February 10.  What better place to spark the fire for spring riding than at the Bike Swap where any and all things bikes can be found. This has become an institution on the Twin Cities cycling scene that you do not want to miss.
We have an ATM on site.  Coffee and food are also available.


What’s happening in 2019?

This year, we return to the spacious Expo Center at the National Sports Center campus! Explore over 11,000 sf of bicycle treasure! You’ll find everything from BMX and mountain bikes, to vintage road and track racing equipment. The Expo Center has easy access and free parking. All proceeds from your $5 admission fees support the National Sports Center Velodrome.


Q1: Why go to the Bike Swap?

A: It’s simply a cool event which is a great opportunity to buy and sell anything bike related. Look for bikes, gear, and equipment, and see your riding buddies in the middle of winter. It’s a great way to spend a day in February.


Q2: Who can sell stuff at the Bike Swap?

A: Anyone can sell stuff at the swap. Early bird pricing for tables is $50 which includes admission for two.  After January 31, prices go up to $60.


Q3: What can I sell at the Bike Swap?

A: Most people sell bicycles and related equipment, gear, and accessories but we also have clubs and advocacy groups renting tables as well.


Q4: How big is a table? Can I rent more than one table?

A: The tables are 6’ x 2.5’ long and yes you can rent as many tables as you need. Please register in advance to ensure space and tables.


Q5: Does the table include any chairs?

A: Yes each table comes with two chairs.


Q6: Can I select where my table is going to be?

A: No but we will try to honor requests as much as possible. Sign up early to help insure any special requests.


Q7: Do I need to sign up early?

A: Yes we highly encourage you to sign up in advance to ensure we have enough tables and adequate space.


Q8: Can I rent a table the day of the swap?

A: Yes we will have extra tables for people to rent the day of the event but to ensure we have enough tables and adequate space we highly encourage registering in advance.


Q9: Do you rent ½ half tables?

A: No, to make things simple we are only renting whole tables but you are free to make your own arrangements to share a table with someone. Note table rentals come with admission for two people.


Q10: May I share a table with someone?

A: Yes, but it’s up to you to find someone and work out details. Note: table rentals come with admission for two people.


Q11: What if I just have a bike or two to sell?

A: The bike corral just might be for you. You can sell your bike at the Bike Corral whether you rent a table or not. You do not need to register ahead of time. The cost to put a bike in the Corral is your entry fee ($5) plus $10 per bike.


Q12: What exactly is the Bike Corral?

A: It’s a roped off space in the swap for bikes that people want to sell. The area will be monitored and only the owner of a bike may remove the bike from the area. This allows people to sell bike with out renting a table. The Bike Corral registration form will indicate when you will be next to your bike, so potential buyers can talk to you. It is important to note that we don’t actually sell your bike. The bike corral just provides a place to display your bike.


Q13. Can I sell bikes from my table I rent or do they have to be in the bike corral?

A: You can absolutely sell bikes from your table. The bike corral is an alternative to renting a table for people that only have a bike to sell.  Note:  Space is limited to the 6′ table and the 6′ behind the table.  No bikes will be allowed in the aisles.